Modern Calligraphy, Floral and Abstract Fine Art



Modern calligraphy offerings including digital artwork, laser cut pieces, and custom signs.

floral fine art

Floral fine art including commissions of your own bridal flowers. 

abstract fine art

Bold and vibrant watercolor washes with metallic embellishments that captivate and intrigue the mind. 

Modern Calligraphy and Brush Lettering


I practice a free flowing style of calligraphy. It is meant to look unique, effortless and beautiful. I offer prints, wooden signs, laser cut signs, stamps, and many digital design products like logos and marketing products for your own brand. 



Feminine Florals


Flowers don't last forever but this painting will. I love flowers, who doesn't? I even offer custom flower paintings from your wedding day! 


Bold washes and hints of metal


In my abstract work I use large brushes and amounts of pigments to achieve bold patterns of color. Painting with the knowledge I can't fully control my elements and learning to accept the things I cannot change. I often reflect on these lessons in my personal life.